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Grant Slevin.

BA (1978); Dip Journ. (1998); LLB (Hons) (2003); LLM (Hons) (2013)
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I have been a practising lawyer for 17 years, of which 6 were spent at Wynn Williams & Co as a member of the insurance law team, 6 at the New Zealand Insolvency & Trustee Service as  a senior investigating solicitor and the last 5 as a barrister sole.

At Wynn Williams & Co I was responsible for a wide range of civil litigation, including claims involving negligence, nuisance, wills & estates, contracts, defamation, privacy, intellectual property disputes, mediations, arbitrations, the enforcement of personal guarantees and all aspects of employment law.

My work at the Insolvency & Trustee Service involved all aspects of the law relating to bankruptcies, including the recovery of hidden assets, the investigation of complex transactions and the evaluation of civil claims the Official Assignee could take for the benefit of creditors.

Since completing my LLM I have contributed to a comprehensive textbook of insolvency law, The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand, and have authored Insolvency Workflow - an on-line guide to corporate insolvency law, for legal publisher Thomson Reuters.

Matters I have conducted as a barrister include:

  • Negotiating an exit package for a senior manager of a large-scale employer

  • Obtaining compliance orders on behalf of a liquidator

  • Recovering trust property for a corporate trustee in liquidation

  • Negotiating, for a director, the settlement of a liquidator’s claim against him

  • Advising on the proper treatment of assets in the administration of a deceased estate

  • Applying for the removal and replacement of defaulting executors

  • Advancing and settling Family Protection Act claims, including on behalf of

  • Applying for vesting orders to confirm a trustee was validly appointed

  • Advising on the termination of a building contract

  • Obtaining orders for the return of intellectual properly wrongfully assigned to a company director

  • Settling a shareholders’ dispute

  • Obtaining freezing orders on behalf of an off-shore judgment creditor

  • Obtaining bankrupts’ discharge from bankruptcy

  • Advising people facing bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings

  • Fair Trading Act proceedings on behalf of investors who were misled

  • Restoration of struck-off companies to the register (for creditors)

  • Summary judgment proceedings to enforce a loan agreement

  • Advising on directors’ duties

  • Advising on receivers’ duties

  • Advising on competing claims for security over plant and equipment

  • Application to set aside a voidable charge

  • Advising on application to remove a liquidator

  • Complaint to Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman

  • Enforcement of court orders, including by contempt proceedings

  • Advocating for professional persons facing disciplinary proceedings / investigations

As a barrister I can accept your instructions directly in many circumstances. I will need to have an instructing solicitor if court proceedings become necessary, however, and can assist you to arrange that if required.

Please feel free to call me if you are not sure whether I could assist you or not.

For a list of my legal publications, please visit my Linkedin profile.

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